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This page is intended as a place to document the capabilities of the custom commands offered by the AndroWish, the Tcl/Tk port to Android excellent work, chw!. In the true Wiki spirit you are invited to extend this documentation. You may have, already chw definitely has: this information was harvested from the AndroWish page!. Tcl/Tk Community. The vibrant Tcl user community provides a variety of support resources to help working with Tcl/Tk. Among others, the Tcler's Wiki provides a constantly updated set of tips and tricks, while comp.lang.tcl remains the best forum for Tcl/Tk discussions. Tcl/Tk was not invented at Sun, although Sun did fund its development for a few years by employing its author John Ousterhout. But, I agree with you that the UI look is outdated, and needs some touching up. Every time this issue is brought up, the Tcl folks point to the "new" theming capabilities that were added in v8.5 or perhaps v8.4?. Bitmap in the form suitable for Tk_GetBitmap to display in the top portion of the dialog, to the left of the text. If this is an empty string then no bitmap is displayed in the dialog. The available bitmaps in Tk include warning, question, questhead, info, hourglass, error, gray12, gray25, gray50, and gray75.

30/03/2011 · Tcl/Tk 教學文件 Tcl/Tk是一個容易學習,但功能強大的腳本語言,雖然它不像Perl、Python、Ruby這麼多人使用,但這並不表示它不夠好,相反的它在許多地方比其它程式更具優勢,例如,T. 博文 来自: linuxarmsummary的专栏. 07/11/2018 · Tk 是 Tcl“图形工具箱”的扩展,它提供各种标准的 GUI 接口项,以利于迅速进行高级应用程序开发。 John K. Ousterhout(见图像)于 1988 年开始开发 Tcl/Tk(读作“tickle tee-kay”),然后是加州大学伯克利分校(UCB)的一名教授继续对它进行开发。.

And now, for something totally different, see Android - An Open Handset Alliance Project for information about Google's open source phone project. Tcl/Tk is working on that platform, too, see AndroWish and AndroWish: Devices for details. WTk — A variant of the Tk toolkit for GUI development in JS, for use in Browsers. Tclhttpd — A Tcl Http Demon. TclUDP — UDP protocol support. TclTLS — TLS socket support. AndroWish — Tcl/Tk packaged for Android; Eagle — Tcl for CLR/.Net; Back to TOC. 04/04/2011 · Tomas, The Tcl one is "dated". No Tk one -- might be an interesting GSoC project. Also may not be the correct way to do it -- might be better to present. Since Tcl/Tk 8, it offers "native look and feel" for instance, menus and buttons are displayed in the manner of "native" software for any given platform. Highlights of version 8.5 include a new theming engine, originally called Tk Tile, but now generally referred to as "themed Tk.

31/08/2012 · > You can get my Tcl/Fltk package and a Tk package compiled for arm-eabi > from the SF project by the same name. Have not tried it on Android, > but it may work. The sticking point now is what happens after one gets a dynamic language like Tcl running on the Android platform, and the more I read about the this the worse it gets. ただし、ActiveTclは別です。多彩な機能拡張が行われており、パッケージ化されている反面、 再配布や商用利用の際には13万円の追加料金を払い、厳密な契約を行う必要があります。. Tcl and the Android Scripting Environment Android when running on a phone does not permit general installation of binaries. The only significant writable filesystem is the sdcard but that is mounted with a non-exec flag to prevent anything running from the card. AndroWish, limitations X11 emulation is not thread-safe, thus it is impossible to package require Tk from another thread. But multiple Tcl interps in the main thread work. Due to Android process start up with respect to the window system execn is limited to non-Tk processes, i.e. you can't exec wish. The bandwidth of device screen. Android TV 8.0: So sehen Sie am Besten was Sie möchten, wie Sie es möchten TCL eröffnet neues Forschungs- und Entwicklungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz KI in Polen Rückblick auf die ersten Tage der IFA 2018 TCL STELLT NEUE 4K C76-SERIE VOR.

AndroWishDocumentation - Tk.

19/04/2018 · Tcl is a general purpose multi-paradigm system programming language. It is a scripting language that aims at providing the ability for applications to communicate with each other. On the other hand, Tk is a cross platform widget toolkit used for building GUI in many languages. This tutorial covers. tcl tk free download - TCL, TCL, TCL, and many more programs. Inhaltsverzeichnis 45.8 Zeichenfläche,diegrößeralsdasFensterist....528 45.9 ZeichenflächealsHilfsmittel. IDE for Tcl/Tk Development 简单的加解密方法 用TclPro中的tbcload加密Tcl. Android - 收藏集. Android 自定义View的各种姿势1 Activity的显示之ViewRootImpl详解 Activity.

Tcl_TK编程权威指南pdf.pdf百度网盘下载,Tcl_TK编程权威指南pdf.pdf百度云盘下载,收藏和分享。. Android TVs bring a world of content to your screen. With the Google Assistant built in, you can quickly access entertainment, get answers, find the latest blockbuster, dim the lights or control devices around your home. TCL's latest Android TVs are the upgrade you need so buy one of our feature packed Android TVs now! Writing Better Programs in Tcl and Tk», ISBN 0-201-63474-0; J. Adrian Zimmer «Tcl/Tk For Programmers», ISBN 0-8186-8515-8; Salvatore Sanfillipo «Tcl Wise. Guide to the Tcl Programming Language» первые 9 глав on-line Paul Raines, Jeff Tranter «Tcl/Tk in a Nutshell: A Desktop Quick Reference», ISBN 1-56592-433-9.

08/06/2010 · TCL Android TV The first thing to note regarding this device, is it is not Google TV. Far from it. In fact, this puppy is looking to make headway in China where Google TV might struggle. Indeed, electronics manufacturer TCL have revealed their own configuration running Android to become the first of its kind on the Chinese market. The current version also includes SQLite 3.8.1, SDL_mixer plus mikmod and smpeg2, tcllib1.15, the 8.4 backport of the dict Tcl command, and tclmixer 1.2.3. Since January 2014 AndroWish has been updated to Tcl/Tk 8.6.1 and includes many more extensions and packages. It now runs on Android >= 2.3.3 with ARM and x86 CPUs. Toutes ces innovations correspondaient à la version de Tcl-Tk 8.0 sortie en août 1997 où la décision fut prise d'aligner les numéros de version de Tk sur ceux de Tcl. Octobre 1997 vit la création du Tcl Consortium dont l'objectif était de promouvoir Tcl-Tk et d'accroître encore plus sa visibilité sur le marché de l'informatique. 01/05/2019 · DOWNLOAD LINK UPDATE the android system on TCL 55DP660 tv. Play next; Play now; Running Other Tcl/Tk Scripts And files in Android Androwish based App Lesson 3 English Version.

Tcl/Tk autore: Vittorio Albertoni Premessa Tcl sta per Tool Command Language e si pronuncia «tikle». E’ nato nel 1988 ad opera di John Ousterhout ed è distribuito sotto licenza BSD, cioè è software libero. All’epoca era sicuramente uno dei linguaggi più facili da imparare e da utilizzare.

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