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Every time I boot up my Debian machine the sound volume level is at 100 % what is way too loud. I am using PulseAudio instead of Alsa. How can I adjust the default sound volume level to an arbit. It should contain directives in the PulseAudio CLI language, as documented in pulse-cli-syntax5. The same commands can also be entered during runtime in.По умолчанию default-sample-channels=2Для 5.1 default-sample-channels=6Для 7.1 default-sample-channels=8. После внесения изменений необходимо перезапустить Pulseaudio. Решение.

05/08/2013 · I am using Debian 7 wheezy64 bit in dell inspiron i5. Default audio driver in pulseaudio and other two are HDA Intel and HDA ATI HDMI. So here is the question when increase or decrease volume from any player like vlc,movie player volume increase in pulseaudio but it also make the speaker and PCM volume 100% in HDA Intel driver. You can select the default device in PulseAudio with a GUI like the GNOME volume control, pavucontrol, or from the command line using pacmd set-default-sink. By default, PulseAudio opens devices for 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz, whichever leads to lower resampling effort so 96 kHz audio would usually lead to the device being opened at 48 kHz. debian,linux,debian-facile,debianfacile. Debian-facile. Tout ce que vous avez toujours souhaité savoir sur PulseAudio sans jamais oser prendre le temps de le lire sur un wiki. Débutant,. On consultera également avec un plaisir non feint les pages pulseaudio, et pulse-client.conf. Exemple: contrôler le volume au clavier. 09/06/2012 · Debian User Forums. I fixed this by setting up alsa to use pulseaudio by default. I might need some more testing to see if it actually fixes the problem. from Debian sid and have /etc/asound.conf exactly as shared above by another user as well as in your own guide.

PulseAudio. PulseAudio es un servidor de sonido que se instala en la mayoría de los entornos de escritorio Debian por defecto. Su propósito principal es proveer una interfaz de alto nivel para controlar como "fuentes" múltiples programas que quieren tocar sonidos se conectan con los "sumideros" tarjetas de sonido. Sound playback, recording, and mixing in Debian is generally by provided by ALSA and a sound server. These sound-related services can, for the most part, be run in. 07/10/2010 · Debian User Forums. The final step is to click on the Pulseaudio Preferences tray icon, and from there you can change the default Pulseaudio Server on the computer you are sitting at,. Anyway, with Pulseaudio and Debian I didn't do much to get the sounds running.

Install pulseaudio and make sure user e.g. eric is part of the audio group: sudo apt-get install pulseaudio pulseaudio-utils sudo adduser eric audio Change /etc/asound.conf look like the following. This sets up pulseaudio to be used as an alsa device by default so applications use it without any additional configuration. Capture audio data and write it to the specified file or to STDOUT if none is specified. If the tool is called under the name parec this is the default.-p --playback Read audio data from the specified file or STDIN if none is specified, and play it back. If the tool is called under the name pacat this is the default. apt install pulseaudio pulseaudio-module-bluetooth pavucontrol bluez-firmware. Once you have installed these packages, it may be necessary to restart the bluetooth and pulseaudio services: service bluetooth restart. killall pulseaudio. Pairing. It is also highly recommended to install a. By default, PulseAudio is configured to automatically detect all sound cards and manage them. It takes control of all detected ALSA devices and redirects all audio streams to itself, making the PulseAudio daemon the central configuration point. 07/10/2014 · I manage to add softvol to card 0 onboard sound and card 1 USB audio, but this does not do what I want, since the default sound card is PulseAudio. And I don't manage to figure out how to add softvol to PulseAudio. I manage to play music with mplayer on the onboard sound card correctly, using "mplayer -ao alsa:device=hw=0.0 ".

You can control PulseAudio thoroughly through the command line using pacmd and pactl commands. For options see man pages or the wiki at PulseAudio: pacmd list-sinks or pactl list short sinks for name or index number of possible sinks. pacmd set-default-sink "SINKNAME" to set the default output sink. For my pulseaudio "connection refused" issue the following helped: mv -v ~/.config/pulseaudio,~ This way the pulseaudio userspace configuration is reset without destroying the. In questo nuovo articolo nel sempre più amato L4N andremo a vedere i semplici passaggi necessari per installare e configurare PulseAudio su Debian. Per chi non lo conoscesse, citando Wikipedia, PulseAudio è un sound server multipiattaforma che tra le sue principali caratteristiche presenta: controlli del volume sulle applicazioni. PulseAudio は GNOME や KDE などのデスクトップ環境で一般的に使われているサウンドサーバーです。ALSA や OSS などの既存のカーネルサウンドコンポーネントを使うサウンドアプリケーションに対して代理として動作します。.

I wish to select a default sound card, or disable all others,. How do I select a default sound card with alsa? Ask Question Asked 7 years, 6 months ago. Active 1 year ago. and it'll help others like me who don't want to deal with PulseAudio dropping audio streams. 26/10/2017 · Debian User Forums. this command kills pulseaudio and, by virtue of its default settings, will respawn automatically. IMPORTANT Restarting pulseaudio will have the following side effects: All applications that use pulseaudio and are running when it is restarted will be unable to play sound until they are restarted too. Surround Sound¶ Analog¶ Um bei einer analogen Surround-Soundkarte alle Kanäle nutzen zu können, muss in der Datei /etc/pulse/daemon.conf das Semikolon Kommentarzeichen in der Zeile default-sample-channels entfernt und als Wert die Anzahl der Kanäle eingetragen werden. Im Falle einer 5.1-Soundkarte wäre der Wert 6.

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